Mixlab has increased savings and boosted efficiency. Here's how.



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Improve success rates and efficiency.

Who is Mixlab?

Mixlab is the first modern pet pharmacy that focuses on creating custom medications and delightful experiences for pets, their parents and veterinarians. By putting service at the heart of everything Mixlab does, they’re able to provide the best personalized care for many furry patients, as well as those who care for them.

What was the problem?

Mixlab is dedicated to providing on-demand medications for everyone’s best friend, our pets. The Mixlab team strives to delight customers with top notch medications and phenomenal service. Mixlab needed a way to hold their Carrier’s accountable when packages are lost, damaged, or delivered late.


Weekly invoice audits were manually processed, which is time consuming and highly repetitive. A few months in, Mixlab began looking for a better solution.

  • As a perishable shipper, late deliveries significantly impact pets and their owners.
  • Needed a partner to automate refund collection.
  • Custom reporting to optimize routes and rates.

The solution.

We automated Mixlab’s refund retrieval process by auditing every weekly invoice in code. Now, Mixlab collects every refund owed (automatically) from lost, damaged and late deliveries.

  • We automated the process of filing and collecting refunds for every scenario.
  • We show each step taken to secure your refunds from beginning to end.
  • Mixlab's total refunds collected increased by 3x.

Life before and after.

  • A member of Mixlab's staff had to manually review every invoice to find eligible refunds.
  • The process was time consuming and inefficient.
  • We audit every invoice automatically, while Mixlab simply logs in to their account to view the status of each refund and the total savings.
  • Mixlab no longer has to worry about getting their money back for inaccurate billing and late deliveries.

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