• Claims Automation

    Collect your lost and damaged claims without losing valuable time.

    Automatically file claims and collect payment for packages lost or damaged by your carrier.

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  • Problem

    Manually filing and remediating claims for lost and damaged packages is inefficient.

  • Our solution

    We collect 3x more claims for our clients by automating the process from start to finish.

Product Benefits

Our automated process improves success rates and collects payment faster than ever.

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    Add Insurance

    We're integrated with every carrier insurance type to support declared-value claims.

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    As soon as we identify a lost or damaged package, our system initiates the process and secures reimbursement.

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    No-hassle tracking

    Follow the status of each claim in your dashboard to easily monitor success rates and payouts.

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    Upload pictures

    Improve success rates for damaged claims by uploading a picture of the damaged package.

  • Filing customer reported claims

    Do it with just one click and streamline customer service by resolving the issue on the spot.

  • View the shipment details

    Click the tracking number to see details for each specific shipment.

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  • Click "Lost" or "Damaged"

    That's it! We'll take care of the rest. It's that easy.

  • Upload a picture

    If damaged, you can add a picture of the package to improve effective claims.

  • We'll never put you on hold.

  • Save time by getting rid of manual tasks.

    Full remediation for all denied claims.

    Faster approvals.

    Up to 3x more successful refunds.

  • Tired of filing claims?

    Automate the entire workflow with Datashyp. Just keep an eye out for the refund check, we’ll take care of the rest.