• Parcel Price Index

    Because you deserve pricing visibility.

    We clarify cloudy carrier agreements. You gain transparency into what companies like yours pay and the insight to renegotiate with confidence.

  • Problem

    Without accurate data, it's nearly impossible to know what you should be paying to ship.

  • Our solution

    We reveal the facts on how your agreement compares to peers in your industry.

  • Real contract data.

    The Parcel Price Index is a database filled with thousands of active parcel agreements, providing you with the answers needed to get the best rates available.

Advocacy beyond data.

Our data gives you key insights. Our consultants turn that data into real savings with your carrier.

Break out and compare spend.

We show how each variable impacts your net spend, enabling hyper-targeted negotiations.

All proposals aren't created equal.

We link each proposal to your historical data, revealing the net impact of each offer.

  • See the facts.

    Visualize how your service-level discounts compare to industry leading rates.

  • Discounts down to the package.

    Discover how much you can save on every shipment in any scenario.

  • Get granular.

    See how your landed cost stacks up for every zone and weight range.

See your savings in minutes.

Simply upload your invoice data and we'll send the results directly to your inbox.

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  • No more buried surcharges.

    Skip the overspend by seeing how individual line items compare to other shippers.

  • Savings secured.

    Stressful negotiations are a thing of the past. With data in our front pocket, getting a new agreement becomes quite simple.

    • 97% success rate
    • Targets based on market data
    • Quick turnaround