• Ledger

    Automate your cost accounting.

    Ledger gives you endless ways to GL code shipping costs. Eliminate manual exception handling and account for every penny with ease.

  • gl_coding
  • Problem

    Incorrect reference fields and constant invoice adjustments lead to messy accounting.

  • Our solution

    We filter your invoices with multi-layered rules that ID and route all costs automatically. Adjustments included.

  • Endless flexibility. Effortless accuracy.

    Ledger rules govern how shipping charges are routed and act together to handle exceptions flawlessly.

    Build custom rule sets by combining any of the following descriptors, plus many more.

    • Account Number
    • Sender Address
    • Receiver Company
    • Reference ID
    • Billing Unit
    • Receiver Name

Ledger for 3PLs

Automate customer invoicing, eliminate errors, and streamline your entire back office.

  • Put the pencil down.

    No more countless hours spent just to get customer invoices out the door.

  • Stop reworking invoices.

    Messy billing creates problems for everyone. We make invoice disputes virtually disappear.

  • Less back office. Better service.

    Break free from the back office and spend more time serving your customers.

  • Seamless integration.

    Connect your carriers and upload GL coded invoices directly to ERP and accounting systems against open purchase orders.

We'll analyze your current UPS or FedEx agreement for free

and provide an estimate of the savings we can deliver.