• Invoice Audit

    Autocorrect your shipping invoices.

    Our small parcel software scans your invoices, identifies refunds, and automatically collects what you're owed.

  • Problem

    Billing errors or service failures occur in 5% of all shipments.

  • Our solution

    We comb your invoices and collects every refund for you.

  • Invoice Audit Benefits

    Uncover every service failure, overcharge, and billing discrepancy. We'll collect the refunds automatically.

  • Total transparency.

    Keep track of every action we take to secure your refunds with time stamped event tracking.

    Catch everything.

    No matter the mistake, we'll find it.

    Easy validation.

    See a screenshot of every refund in your carrier account for easy validation.

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See every billing mistake, duplicate charge, and eligible refund on your account right now.

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